Baton Rouge Auto Repair and Towing Services

Downtown Towing Services provides auto repair and towing services in Baton Rouge. We always aim to be available 24/7 to help all residents in the area anytime they need help getting their vehicles fixed up or unstuck from the side of the road. We’re a full-service one-stop auto repair shop that can and will provide all your needs.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair

We understand that a broken vehicle is a major problem that could cause trouble in one’s everyday life. Together with our towing services, we also offer repair and replacement services for belts, hoses, gaskets, and other parts of the vehicle. We also offer electrical troubleshooting and maintenance works to address various other vehicle issues such as dead shorts, alternator problems, and faulty starters among many.

Transmission Repair

Transmissions are essential for a vehicle’s engine to work properly. Therefore, a compromised transmission means the vehicle is bound to give out soon and fail you on the road. Because of that, getting your faulty transmission repaired or replaced as soon as possible should always be a top priority.

Fleet Service

To all companies in need of an ISP to service your units, Downtown Towing Services offers highly competitive fleet services in Baton Rouge. We work with service companies both directly & indirectly to respond to those untimely repair services that may arise from time to time, especially when there’s an ongoing project.

Roadside Assistance

If you ever get stranded on the middle of the road, Downtown Towing Services can help retrieve your vehicle and get it working again — whether it’s because of a flat tire, a terrain-related mishap, or an unexpectedly empty gas tank. We offer reliable roadside assistance services across Baton Rouge, so you can stay worry-free on the road.

Collision Repair

Sometimes, it’s inevitable that you bump into a tree, a roadblock, or another car on the road. And your vehicle is bound to sustain damages because of that. When that happens, trust us to restore your ride to its previous state — or even better — with our collision repair services.

Emergency Towing Services

Isn’t it really inconvenient when your vehicle breaks down at midnight — especially if there aren’t any shops around still open? Fortunately, we’re open 24/7, so you can always have someone to call anytime you’re in an emergency on the road.

Engine Repair

Responsible for converting energy into motion, the engine is one of the most vital parts of any vehicle. Now, maintaining an engine is more than a simple oil change, and working to fix issues may be more than most can handle. Downtown Towing Services offers professional engine repair, maintenance, and inspection services in Baton Rouge to ensure your vehicle engines are always in tip-top shape.

Battery Service

If your vehicle ever shuts down, whether while you’re in the middle of driving or just about to leave your garage, we can readily supply you with a replacement so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Auto Repair

Choose Downtown Towing Services

Our expertise and past experiences have taught us that customers hate to wait. Everybody wants to be treated with respect & timely repairs. And as expert service providers, we do our best to honor those fundamental aspects of doing business with our customer base. With a large towing fleet, high-performance equipment, and professional personnel, Downtown Towing Services is fully equipped to provide these services the best way possible.

For more information regarding our offers, feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or visit our contact page.