Baton Rouge Towing Company

In a busy city like Baton Rouge, it’s essential for all vehicle owners to have an auto repair shop and towing company they can call and rely on for both regular maintenance works and emergencies. Everyone needs a shop that’s available 24/7 to service them for whatever needs their vehicle may have, especially since vehicles can break down any time of the day.

About Our Company

Downtown Towing Services is a leading towing company in Baton Rouge. We always put great effort into our work and ensure to preserve their quality because we understand how important it is to get vehicles working again and ready for the road as soon as possible. After all, vehicles are essential in people’s everyday lives and even the slightest delay can compromise a person’s livelihood and schedule.

We’re a local family-owned auto repair and towing company in Baton Rouge, and we have been in business since 2009. Through the years, we have taken care of countless vehicles, from keeping vehicle engines up to towing totaled vehicles from the middle of the road. And by providing quality services, we believe that we help the local community become safer and flourish further.

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Since then until now, Downtown Towing Services continuously strives to maintain the caliber of our work. We always do our best to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, as well as finish all work on their vehicles as fast and soon as possible. So if you’re looking for a reliable towing company to call, feel free to get in touch with us. Visit our contact page to send us your message.